Can you feel a Draft?

With every draft comes a fresh start. It’s always an exciting time when the WWE Draft comes along so I figured I’d add to the excitement by starting up my own Wrestling blog. I know what you’re thinking “hallelujah, there aren’t enough of these” and you’d be right.

I started the blog because, simply, I love WWE. I love the soap opera of it all and I love the Internet reaction to it. This blog is a melting pot of ridiculous. There’s going to be a lot of stupid things on here. It’s literally the Jedward of blogs. If you want to read more serious stuff, you’re in the wrong place. This is a fun look on all things wrestling.

So the WWE Draft is on the 25th which, as I write, is tomorrow. By the time you’re reading this it’ll probably be over.  Either way I think I should make some predictions. Here are my predictions for the WWE Draft 2011.

But how will I grind into Cena’s crotch?!

It’s one everyone has been talking about and I see it as the only move for him. Randy and his cute ass are running out of steam. I predict he’ll go to Smackdown and have a fued with Cody. Mmm. The two of them back together.

I'll Make It Smokedown!

Again, another bit obvious one. His heel turn and championship shot turn down is a bit obvious. I personally don’t see his appeal and the Morrison-Truth showdown was terrible. Not just because he insulted our no-smoking law. HEATHEN!


I think Gail will go to Smackdown and do a program with the soon-debuting Awesome Kong or Kharma. Whatever she’ll be called.

Oh ‘king Hell.

Bare with me! I know this seems like a longshot but it could work. I know the Cole/King storyline should end at Extreme Rules but tension will still be mounting. Cole has always considered Smackdown to be HIS show so by moving King there it could cause a lot of tension between the two. I think WWE wants to make RAW more young-sounding and, despite how great he is, I think they’ll move him off RAW and onto Smackdown.

These are just some of my picks. Here are the ones I couldn’t be arsed doing pictures for:


Matt Striker (to replace Lawler)
Josh Matthews (creating complete announcing team along with Cole)
Jack Swagger
Gabriel & Slater

To Smackdown:

Daniel Bryan
Mark Henry
The Great Khali

These are just my opinions of course. I want to hear YOURS. Leave a comment, tweet me, send a pigeon to my house. Do whatever.

xo – WB

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