Banks For Playing

Well tonight is the one we’ve all been waiting for! But who will win? Everyone has their opinion and since it’s my blog, I’ll give mine!

Kelly Kelly v Brie Bella (WWE Divas Title)

It’s a shame that it’s come to this but since Kharma got pregnant, they had to go somewhere with the Divas. Sadly, it looks like they’re going down the LayCool route because, apparently, women can only be beautiful or bitchy.

I have a feeling that Kelly Kelly will be able to keep hold of her title. As for how, I’m thinking that the match will end up in a DQ.

Big Show v Mark Henry

This is a match I never thought I’d look forward to but, alas, I absolutely am. It’s clear that things are going to get heated after months of angry exchanges. Big Show is still fuming from Henry’s sneak attacks but Henry seems to be overpowering him every time. The question is, has Big Show recovered enough to defeat the monster?

My guessing is that the match will be brutal and we will see things we’ve never seen before. I’m unsure as to which way this will go but I’m putting my money on a Big Show win.

Smackdown Money In The Bank Match

These Money In The Bank matches are extremely hard to call so I’ll give a breakdown of each contender and their chances.

Justin Gabriel: He’s new to the singles competition game and he’s still a lot to learn before he can make it to the top. It’d be a huge shock if J-Gay was able to pick up the win but I highly doubt it. I see him being a major high flyer in this match but I do not forsee a win.

Heath Slater: Again, it’d be a major shock as Heath is also fresh. I am not entirely digging his character either and feel there will be a huge Justin Gabriel feud coming their way. It’s going to be a good match but not good enough for him to win.

Daniel Bryan: He’s really shown his value the past couple of weeks and his matches with Cody Rhodes have been fantastic. There’s enough of a fan base for people to be happy if he wins but I highly doubt that will happen.

Sheamus: A lot of people have money on this Ginger Giant to pick up the win but, again, I don’t think he will. He’s had a lot of momentum in the title race and it seems a little too obvious to hand over the win. Sheamus, quite frankly, doesn’t need it.

Sin Cara: WWE’s major signing of the year will ensure that this will be a high flying event and I look forward to seeing what this guy can do with a ladder but he’s a long while to go before he makes it big

Wade Barrett: It seems like natural progression to hand over the briefcase to this guy. He’s had a great Intercontinental run and his battles against Big Zeke have been brilliant. I just don’t see, personally, there being much in a title bid for him. So I’m going to say no to Wade.

Kane: I do not want Kane to win. It’s that simple.

Cody Rhodes: For me, the obvious choice. He already has a team of minions, a lot of heat and a great character going forward. The obsessive Cody Rhodes has a fire under him and I really think he’ll use that to pick up the win.

RAW Money In The Bank

As previous.

Evan Bourne: This cute little high flyer is sure to make moves in this match but it just won’t be enough. It’s just not his time.

Jack Swagger: Swagger is looking to rewrite history as his title reign has been forgotten. I just don’t think he will win this time but don’t get me wrong, he will be a major star in the future.

Kofi Kingston: This guy is always fantastic in these matches and I forsee him making moves we’ve never seen before but I don’t think it will be enough.

Rey Mysterio: We’ve not heard much from Rey in the build up to this event and I don’t think we’ll be hearing much after. There’s no way he’s winning.

Alex Riley: He’s made waves since coming into the WWE and I am sure he’ll gun after The Miz tonight. This, I feel, will be his downfall as I think The Miz will be knocked out early only to creep back in.

Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio says it’s his destiny to win. I say I’m destined to be bored if he does. No thanks.

R Truth: I’m hoping there are no spiders in the ring tonight or Truth is straight out of the game. I think his crazy will see him right through but, after having his shot not too long ago, I don’t see him winning.

The Miz: Miz’s win last year caused waves in the WWE and I think he’ll go two for two. He’s must-see and I must-see him win tonight.

Randy Orton v Christian (World Heavyweight Title)

I’m so bored of this already it’s actually making my eyes water. I think these guys need to end it and they need to end it tonight.

I think Christian will pick up the win only for the Money In The Bank winner to cash in and win.

John Cena v CM Punk (WWE Title)

This is one I really cannot call. There have been loads of rumours flying around. Will The Rock show up? Will HHH go after Punk? Will Punk really leave with the title? Will there be a Ring Of Honour invasion? Who knows?!

I have a feeling we’ll all be shocked tonight and I hope CM Punk picks up the win. I have a feeling there’s no way it’ll happen but I’m putting my money on it anyway.

Other Predictions:

– We’ll hear jokes about the banking crisis
– Dolph Ziggler and Vickie will be in a skit with Vince
– There will be an added match (I’m thinking New Nexus v Dolph and Drew McIntyre)
– Michael Cole will scream OH MY around 1000 times
– The Rock will make an appearance (either via satellite or in person) and get booed
– There will be a I Want Ice Cream chant

Enjoy the show.


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